Our sincere thanks to LAUSD Board Members and district staff for recognizing that the health and safety of our children, teachers, and staff come first.

We would be remiss if we did not extend additional appreciation to Board Members Julie Korenstein and David Tokofsky for having the heart, courage, and foresight to promote this policy when it was not popular to do so.

For one year, district staff, parents, community members, environmentalists, medical experts, scientists, and Integrated Pest Management expert William Currie met with district staff to create this policy. The contributions of the following core team members were key to the development of this IPM Policy. 

Christina Graves, community organizer from Pesticide Watch whose patience, diplomacy and grace brought community and district together. 

Dr. Kirk Murphy, whose medical knowledge, foresight, and eloquence commanded respect from all. The inclusion of the "precautionary principle" as well as his ability to educate all members on the hormonal, neurological and cancer risks associated with these products are only a part of his major contributions to this effort. 

Sandra Schubert, Esq. devoted hundreds of volunteer hours sharing her knowledge of environmental laws, codes, and legislation. Her insight was enormously helpful in establishing a policy that would ensure the health and safety of children, teachers, and staff at all LAUSD sites. 

Yvonne Gomez Nelson, environmentalist and meticulous researcher who spent hours sorting through thousands of district-generated documents. Her significant detailed work assisted the community and environmental groups in convincing the district that least-toxic methods would pose less risk to human health. 

Special thanks also go to Nicholas and Brandon Baker, Ashley Posner, Esq., Helen Fallon,  Holly Tilson,  Stuart Timmons,  Melody Dove, Juanita Tate, UTLA President Day Higuchi, Jay Winters, Steve Klein, Beverly Cook,  Bonnie Boswell of NBC, Duke Helfand and Louis Sahagun of the Los Angeles Times, Carol Mithers, thanks Don)  Elliott Ponchick and the William C. Bannerman Foundation, Elaine Hogue, NPR, KNBC, KPFK, KCBS, La Opinion, Liberty Hill Foundation, Patagonia, California Wellness Foundation, California Endowment , Durfee Foundation, S. Mark Taper Foundation, and Volvo of North America.

Additional thanks to our brilliant illustrator Michael Bruza for our beautiful logo and artwork; our magical, creative Webmaster Don Thompson, and the numerous individuals who signed our petitions and telephoned the District on behalf of the IPM policy. 

Mostly I wish to thank our children for creating in us the gumption to write letters to board members, principals and elected officials. Our children unconditionally give us their cherubic smiles, wide eyes and tender, loving hearts. When we look at them, we know we are doing the right thing. We can rest assured that their school and all LAUSD schools are cleaner and healthier as a result of a great many dedicated individuals. We hope that you will pass along the address of our web site, and  we encourage  you to use this groundbreaking policy, which has become a national and international model for school districts and communities.

Thank  you for visiting, please come again, and feel free to contact California Safe Schools.

Warmest Regards,

Robina Suwol
Executive Director