Lazarus Guestbook Latest Guestbook Entries Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:57:21 +0000 Leslie Nelson Look forward to your meeting on School Siting Feb. 1st. Thank you for all you do to protect children's health. Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:57:21 +0000 trish Damen LOve what you all have done. Will be looking to your framework as we move forward in Carpinteria. Tue, 18 Jan 2011 03:44:22 +0000 Carson Gore Strong petroleum odors near Chevron station detected by everyone in area. Mon, 10 Jan 2011 22:57:21 +0000 Carson Gore School Anonymous There continue to be strong odors and concerns by everyone at the school. Mon, 06 Dec 2010 22:27:01 +0000 Olivuia Nolan (Teacher) Have there been more evacuations at the Al Gore and Rachel Carson Science School? Thu, 02 Dec 2010 23:59:55 +0000 Anonymous More Odors today reported. Thu, 02 Dec 2010 02:06:16 +0000 Anonymous More Odors today reported. Thu, 02 Dec 2010 02:06:14 +0000 Anonymous Post On Friday, November 12th some kids <br /> were feeling sick (stomach and headache) following lunch. <br /> The cause is unknown.<br /> <br /> Today Nov. 15th, there was an odd odor that smelled like a combination of ammonia and fish. Tue, 16 Nov 2010 03:56:36 +0000 Lynn Krazinski Appreciate all the work you are doing at Carson Gore. Thank you!!!!! Wed, 10 Nov 2010 00:24:22 +0000 Olga Wentz Thank you for being on the ball about toxics Mon, 01 Nov 2010 01:52:43 +0000 Kelley Neesom On behalf of my family and kids thank you for all your hard work. Keep it up, please!!!! Fri, 29 Oct 2010 22:42:03 +0000 Carson Gore School Need to make a correction. The date of the rotten egg odors and evacauation of classrooms was Friday, September 17th, not the 18th Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:43:12 +0000 Anonymous Odd odor of tar-like smell in the <br /> underground parking area at the school<br /> on Friday, October 8th, 2010. Sun, 10 Oct 2010 13:38:27 +0000 Carson Gore School Stench On Sept. 30, Thursday, 9:00am strong rotting odor on the playground in the area near the fence and gas station. <br /> It was also noticed on Sept. 29. Wednesday too. Sat, 02 Oct 2010 22:13:45 +0000 Reporting Odors at Carson Gore Wed. Sept. 29th 1:00pm<br /> Strong odors of gargage next to<br /> wall on south side of playground.<br /> Children complained. Sat, 02 Oct 2010 21:50:46 +0000 Concerned Community member Cell tower antenna farm across from our school. This violates the LAUSD's own cell policy of 2000 and 2009. Sat, 02 Oct 2010 18:46:10 +0000 Anonymous Friday 10/1/10,at around 2:15pm there were strong oil odors- near same area<br /> where there were before on 9/18/10 when AQMD came. West side of school. Sat, 02 Oct 2010 02:56:49 +0000 Anonymous This is about Carson-Gore School.On September 18, 2010 classrooms on the westside of school were evacuated due to strong oil odors.<br /> There were also strong odors of <br /> rotten egg smells near the Chevron <br /> gas station area next to the school.<br /> Southcoast AQMD was called,they came after school. Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:20:52 +0000 Colin Brissolo Thanks for your help with schools and<br /> toxins. Great amazing work!!!! Wed, 28 Jul 2010 19:33:19 +0000 Kellie H I am a concerned about my children swimming in Pasadena City College Pool.<br /> I heard they are using ananotechnology in their water supply and pool. Are there human health studies and how are decisions like these made.Thank you. Thu, 15 Jul 2010 23:26:08 +0000 Anne Joseph Thank you for being ten steps ahead in protecting health and the planet! Thu, 08 Jul 2010 18:53:12 +0000 Tanya Mills Thank you for making schools and communities much safer.<br /> <br /> Tanya Mills, mother of Ben &amp; Melissa Fri, 14 May 2010 21:32:14 +0000 Hope Karsten Your org. and efforts are truly angelic. Thank u for protecting everyone!<br /> <br /> Hope Karsten Fri, 14 May 2010 19:07:27 +0000 Joseph Jefferson Hope my child's non-public school will adopt your policy. Thanks for your work<br /> and your website. Wed, 12 May 2010 02:05:59 +0000 Lynn Johnson Beautiful graphics and excellent work!! Mon, 10 May 2010 01:26:15 +0000 Hal Grabasini You are truly a remarkable org.<br /> Thank you for your protection of the planet and human health. Sat, 01 May 2010 23:03:27 +0000 Roland Briggs Bravo for your sincere and tireless<br /> efforts. Millions have been helped<br /> and it's most appreciated!!!!! Wed, 07 Apr 2010 04:07:39 +0000 Kimberly Franciso Thanx for the great work of your org. No greenwashing is our mantra here, and thank you for efforts to protect our world. Thu, 01 Apr 2010 01:03:33 +0000 Henry Gilbert Have children in school here in CA. and wanted to say thank you for creating protective policies.Keep toxic chemicals away from our kids Wed, 31 Mar 2010 02:37:00 +0000 Sela Briggs Your graphics are amazing and so is your work.Love your site. Tue, 15 Dec 2009 04:12:40 +0000 Susie Hall Wonderful work and principles. You are truly our hero. Congrats on the recognition. Fri, 25 Sep 2009 01:41:55 +0000 Jilll Nahar Great site &amp; info!!!!!!!!!!!! Sun, 13 Sep 2009 13:30:08 +0000 Robert Sevicio With great thanks for all of the fine work you do on behalf of others. You are the best and only example I know of <br /> true volunteer efforts. Thu, 30 Jul 2009 20:40:22 +0000 Laurie Busselli You are an exceptional organization and so selfless. Tue, 30 Jun 2009 19:45:49 +0000 Denise Hall Congratulations and thank you for your excellent efforts to protect human health and our eco system. Tue, 09 Jun 2009 16:12:08 +0000 Monty Graubaum Fantastic site and info. Thank you! Fri, 29 May 2009 18:47:12 +0000 Lucinda Levin Thank you for protecting 6 million of our most vulnerable kids/ I am a pregnant teacher and grateful too! Wed, 11 Feb 2009 18:11:51 +0000 Sandi Maurer We have recently started a primary school where there is a WiFi hub in the office whos range extends over half the school campus. Is there any actions that you know of to protect children or liimit this type of exposure in schools? There is no measuring of the RF emitted from the hub now acknowledge#@*%!t of the health risks from WiFi which is the same radiation Microwave ovens use. <br /> Also the director says theres &quot;nothing she can do&quot;<br /> Where do I go with my concerns? to the school district or school board?<br /> Thanks, Sandi Thu, 05 Feb 2009 16:14:37 +0000 Louise Kimburough Congratulation on your honors and fine work. Fri, 09 Jan 2009 15:56:38 +0000 Erin Nettleson Great work! Met you at Convention Center<br /> Robina. Thank you for info. Tue, 30 Dec 2008 01:03:27 +0000 Susan Lynn Jessup Special congrats on the UTNE recognition to your founder Robina and the great work your organization spearheaded.<br /> <br /> Susan Lynn Jessup Sun, 30 Nov 2008 07:02:06 +0000 Kaye Lener Your &quot; Life is Now&quot; event at the Skirball was awesome. Tue, 25 Nov 2008 21:37:01 +0000 Catherine Your article in the Utne Nov-Dec '08 magazine is inspiring! Thu, 13 Nov 2008 13:28:39 +0000 Marion Roth Congrats on the Utne Magazine<br /> &quot;50 Visionaries&quot; Award Fri, 31 Oct 2008 06:15:07 +0000 Linda Baum, teacher Thank you for your efforts.<br /> I look forward to attending<br /> &quot;Your Life is Now&quot; Thu, 11 Sep 2008 20:48:10 +0000 Jason Tilman Great work, thank you! where would be without your organization &amp; leadership Wed, 11 Jun 2008 19:25:10 +0000 Naomi Lannigan Great site and policy. Happy 10th Year Anniversary. You are amazing protectors of our future generations. Thank U Mon, 05 May 2008 23:43:15 +0000 Ivonne Zaldivar Great work, It is important to address the quality of the air in our schools, and how it affects aour children. Sun, 02 Dec 2007 06:08:10 +0000 Linda Merliat Best to your organization on the 2007 Pollution Prevention Champion honor. Wed, 14 Nov 2007 18:09:36 +0000 THOMAS GRIFFITH GREAT WEBSITE AND MAGNIFICENT WORK YOUR<br /> ORGANIZATION IS DOING FOR ALL. Sat, 26 May 2007 00:19:01 +0000