Lead's Link Tantalizes Researchers, Mold next

From: G.I. Hopkins
Date: 18 Oct 2002
Time: 16:32:18
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The lead issue is very close to me having been in a hunting accident 38 years ago. I am considered a leading environmental consultant, CA. haz. waste Lic, CA. Environmental Assessor, 8 pest control Lic., Patent for reduced chemicals in insect control, etc. The high blood lead level from the pellets in my head and upper body has indirectly caused me many health issues. The point I want to make is the researchers have padded the fear issues about lead for research dollar$. The answers are very simple. Detoxing has kept me alive and is the answer for our children. www.ecoii.com The bigger issue is that we are the first chemical generation in the history of humanity. www.eecoi.org The next big issue that will tantalize researchers will be toxic mold. Not to fear, we already have the simple answers. If our representatives care for our children they will seek simple resolutions to our issues and avoid creating a new industry of "Mold Fear", over reacting by doing what they did with the lead or asbestos clean up industry. It is all about FEAR, research dollar$, University welfare, Corporate profits and the kids last. I have lived with lead poisoning for 38 years and have documented proof how the environmental industry is a failure. One definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Maybe someone will read this and think Triage for more immediate benefits for our future, our kids. A complete resume is listed at above sites. Bless, G.I. Hopkins

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